What AVO Provides

Use AVO, the artificially intelligent tutor, to learn faster, get instant feedback and master any subject with the least amount of effort.

Adaptive Practicing

Automatically generate individualized practice questions just for you.

Virtual Learning

Learn online, study anywhere and get feedback instantly.

Optimal Teaching

Find what you do not understand and teach only what you need.


Using AVO, our web and mobile learning platform, students gain expertise in their selected subject by completing randomly generated questions on the subject. AVO’s AI observes how the student learns and just where the student makes mistakes to provide detailed instant and constant feedback. AVO focuses the student’s attention and time onto practicing only question types where weaknesses are found; not only will it keep track of what question the student does wrong but picks up on what essential knowledge that they lack to help correct those misconceptions so that they will also be able to avoid making the same mistake in other courses that rely on the same knowledge.

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How We Do What We Do

Here’s how AVO makes learning better

Build Customized Adaptive Questions

Powerful question builder that allows teachers to build randomly generated questions for their students to practice. Our system ensures that each question that is generated ``nice`` and each question has similar difficulty.

Manage Multiple Classes and Subject

Teachers can manage multiple classes across different subjects from a single account, allowing for reuse of curriculum design.

Step By Step Guidance

Students will get detailed step by step explanation for the questions they do. These adaptive guides tailored towards the student's weaknesses will optimize student's learning by providing instant and constant feedback.

Available On Web/IOS/Android

AVO is available as a Web, IOS, and Android App meaning that students and teachers have access to our full suite of tools on all their favorite devices.

Use AVO to learn better today!

AVO is currently being used in multiple classes at Western University. Join the revolution in Adaptive Learning whether you are a student who wants to learn more efficiently or a teacher who wants to take advantage of our arsenal of teaching resources.

AVO Web App Video of the Story of AvocadoCore

Whether you are stuggling with math or never get stressed over it, AVO is made just for you, to make learning math easier